Yoga or Walking – Which Is Better? Which Should You Do?

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Group of people doing yoga on a green field - Yoga or Walking – Which Is Better?

Most people consider yoga and walking as lifestyle workouts. Both are generally calming activities that can be fit in at any time of the day to suit your schedule. 

Some find walking more enjoyable, whereas others prefer walking. But which is better for you?


Which Is Better, Walking Or Yoga For Weight Loss?

Numerous studies have demonstrated that yoga and walking burn roughly the same number of calories when performed at the same pace.

But it’s thought that vigorous walking burns more calories than yoga. So the best weight loss results will come from combining the two.


Is Taking A Morning Walk Better Than Yoga?

Depending on the pace you walk, a morning walk can burn more calories. It also allows you to get outside and take some fresh air before you start your day.

There are also benefits to doing yoga, though. Yoga gets your body moving and focuses your mind on giving you mental clarity throughout the day.


Is One Hour Of Walking Better Than One Hour Of Yoga?

Whether one hour of walking is better than one hour of yoga depends on two things. Firstly, the pace of the walk. Walking at a faster pace or on an incline will burn more calories.

The second thing to consider is the type of yoga. Some types of yoga burn much more calories than others. For example, one hour of power yoga burns roughly 340 calories, compared to walking, which burns around 242.


When Is The Best Time To Do Yoga Or Walking?

The simple answer is whenever it suits your schedule. The key to walking or yoga for weight loss is consistency. In order to achieve this, you need to create a realistic routine for yourself. 

This routine needs to be compatible with your lifestyle and schedule. It doesn’t matter at which time of day you do yoga or walk, as long as you can create a sustainable routine.


Final Thoughts on Whether it is Better to Do Yoga or Exercise

Walking at a high intensity can burn more calories than a slow-paced yoga session. However, there are certain types of yoga that are more intense and can help burn more calories than a moderate-paced walk. 

Combined with a caloric deficit diet, yoga and walking can facilitate weight loss. Both forms of exercise also have several other benefits to your health.


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