Yoga Or Meditation – Which Is Better? Which Should You Do?

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Woman in purple jacket meditating on a purple mat - Yoga Or Meditation - Which Is Better? Which Should You Do?

Both yoga and mediation have many benefits. Often people confuse the two because they share similar aspects. But, yoga and mediation have some key differences. In this article, we’ll examine whether yoga or meditation is your best choice.


Yoga Or Meditation Which Is Better For Me?

Whether yoga or meditation is better for you depends on your end goals. Yoga is much more physical than meditation. Because of this, there are many physical benefits that come from regular yoga practice that you don’t get with meditation. 

Yoga can help improve the health of your bones, increase your flexibility, build up strength in your muscles and improve your cardiovascular health. 

Mediation doesn’t offer the same physical benefits as yoga. However, there are many mental and spiritual benefits to practicing meditation. It allows you to train your mind to improve focus and increase mental clarity. 


What’s Better For Anxiety Yoga Or Meditation?

Both yoga and meditation are effective at helping with symptoms of anxiety. Many types of yoga include poses focused on breathing, deep relaxation, and meditation. 

Meditation is also helpful as it allows you to enter a deep state of relaxation. This can be very helpful if you suffer from anxiety. The mental focus required helps you to clear your mind of the thoughts that may be causing you to feel anxious. 


Is Yoga Or Meditation Better For Stress?

Both yoga and meditation are regarded as stress reduction techniques. Studies have shown that yoga can reduce cortisol levels, the stress hormone. 

Practicing breathing exercises during both yoga and mediation can also help to manage stress. In addition, certain yoga poses that allow you to relax fully are very effective. 


Should You Do Both Yoga And Meditation?

Including mediation in your yoga practice allows you to reap the maximum benefits of both practices. In addition, combining yoga and meditation allow you to approach your exercise in a more holistic way.

Not only can you train your body but also train your mind. Doing both yoga and meditation establishes a strong connection between mind and body.


Final Thoughts on Whether it is Better to do Yoga or Meditate

There is no definitive answer to whether yoga or meditation is better as it is dependent on your personal aims. If you are looking specifically to improve your fitness levels, then yoga is the better choice. 

On the other hand, if you are only looking to declutter your mind, then mediation could be the choice for you. Practicing both yoga and meditation allows you to reap the maximum benefits.


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