How Yoga Can Change Your Life

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For those wondering, the definition of yoga is this; A spiritual and ascetic discipline coming from a Hindu philosophy, which consists of many factors such as breath control, meditation, and adopting certain postures. 

Yoga is widely practiced for health and relaxation. To some, this is a form of meditation that helps them start the day, while others seek spiritual passages to reconnect to nature or just a healthy way to stay fit and healthy. 

Each of these things can be accomplished by practicing yoga, meditative postures, and stretch workouts. In effect, this Eastern medicinal practice can improve life through physical, mental, and spiritual health. 


How Long Does it Take for Yoga to Change Your Body?

Relatively quickly, when you consider the flexibility benefits and increased blood flow that comes from simple stretches in the morning, apply that to the Yoga teachings for the full body benefits of these stretching catalysts. 

In one case, a person said they saw results by performing yoga poses once a week after just six weeks of practice. 

To achieve optimal health, regular Yoga practice can be expected to be achieved (in most cases) in and around the six to twelve weeks range. 

Another person swears that after the first thirty days of taking a class, you may not see muscle increase a few times a week, but these will be noticeable changes to flexibility and energy levels. 


How Can Yoga Benefit Your Life?

To start, yoga is a meditative practice from Hindu teachings, which focuses on energy chakras about the body, opening them, and allowing the universal energies to flow through the self. 

This can help a person spiritually reconnect to the vibrations of the universe and the patterns of nature and sync back into the calmer rhythms of humanity. 

Emotionally, these practices can teach a person about renewal and emotional strength along with spiritual renewal. This can be part of the bodily improvements and benefits that come from regular practice. 

These meditative poses and Guru teachings can help a person become mentally calm and stronger while also improving the body’s health and energy levels. 


Does Yoga Change Your Personality?

As mentioned in the article earlier, the Guru’s teachings tell us that the body holds several chakras in which the Universal energies flow. But, unfortunately, many of us will experience, in our lives, a blocked chakra that results in unhappiness or illness in most cases. 

Yoga helps people reconnect to the flow of the universe. By improving one’s mental, physical, and spiritual health, we can provide a current for those needing energy. 

As a result, many have experienced higher levels of confidence and a larger sense of self, providing calm and peace of mind. In short, it would most certainly change a person’s personality to participate in Yoga sessions or regular practice. 


Can Yoga Bring Happiness?

When it comes to many Eastern Philosophy teachings, there are many sayings that speak about seeking happiness and what the state of happiness is. Most point to the reality of finding happiness from within, with the self, then moving outward from there. 

Yoga can provide many benefits and health improvements that can improve a practitioner’s moods and state of mind. Hindus and Bodhisattvas will speak on the point of happiness being a chosen state of mind. 

Not to mention, single people will develop attractive lines and curves that may help them recover from traumatic or heartbreaking experiences. In short, yes, a sense of happiness is achievable by those who practice yoga. 


What Happens to the Brain After Yoga?

To start, a better and increased blood flow to the brain will allow for it to function more effectively while also bringing it much-valued nutrients aplenty. This can also increase the production of brain chemicals that can improve function, mood, and memory. 

Of course, this is from all forms of exercise. This is just simple science. However, when it comes to yoga, there is a spiritual element to the exercise. 

The brain becomes wired to react more calmly to situations, not slower, and provides meditative-based synapses to guide thought in the right direction. When you have a quality teacher, yoga can be the cure for many physical and mental ailments. 


Final Thoughts on How Yoga Can Change Your Life

As with most meditative, movement-based practices, there are going to be benefits for the practitioner in the form of physical, mental, and spiritual health improvements. 

However, yoga is unique in the fact that stretching requires a single mat’s worth of space to perform these body-altering movements.

The best advice is to find someone who cares, is knowledgeable, and has that different energy that pushes others to be better. Then, join that Guru’s sessions and prepare to be mentally and physically sore. 


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