What is the Crossed Legged Yoga Pose Name?

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Yoga is a great workout for those that are on a new fitness journey. It provides a full-body workout that helps to strengthen and stretch your muscles. Not only is yoga great for your body, but it also has many benefits for your mental wellbeing. 

There are over 100 different forms of yoga, which differ in intensity and pace. So whether you prefer something relaxing and gentle or more intense, there is a form of yoga that suits everyone. 

This variety can be overwhelming for beginners, so let’s learn more about one of the fundamental poses, the cross-legged pose.


What is the cross-legged pose in yoga called?

There are two common cross-legged poses in yoga. The first is the Sukhasana, otherwise known as the Easy Pose. This involves sitting cross-legged on the floor whilst maintaining a straight spine and upright posture.

The second common cross-legged pose is known as the Padmasana or Full Lotus pose. In this pose, your legs are crossed, with each foot placed on the opposite thigh. You should also maintain a straight and upright posture.


Who named the cross-legged pose in yoga?

 It is unknown who exactly named the cross-legged pose in yoga. However, the Lotus pose or Padmasana gets its name from the Sanskrit language. The word “Padma” means “lotus,” and the word “asana” means “pose.”

The Sukhasana pose also gets its name from the Sanskrit language. The word “suhka” means “pleasure,” and “asana” means “posture.”


Why is it named the Lotus position or Padmasana?

This pose is called the lotus pose because of the shape your body makes when practicing this pose. For example, in the full lotus pose, the shape of the legs resembles the shape of a lotus flower that is opening.

In addition to this, in some Asian cultures, the sacred lotus symbolizes growth towards enlightenment and perfection. This is because the lotus has roots deep down in the pond and mud but rises and blooms above the water. 


How do you pronounce Padmasana?

The correct pronunciation for the word Padmasana is pa-dah-maa-sun-aa.


Final Thoughts on Crossed Legged Yoga Pose Name

The cross-legged pose, in the form of the Padmasana or Sukhasana poses, is fundamental in the practice of yoga.

These poses allow for your hips to open and your thigh muscles to be stretched. In addition, cross-legged yoga poses help reduce overall muscle tension and relax the mind. 

If you’re looking for a workout that is effective for your body but also relieves stress, practicing yoga could be very beneficial. 


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