Why Does Yoga Make Me Tired?

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Yoga can make you tired for a variety of reasons that include both mental and physical. First, there are straightforward reasons, such as exhaustion from exercise. However, there are also other reasons as well that often need to be addressed.

This includes mental blocks and other physical habits that may be affecting you without you realizing it, such as diet or sleep. Keep reading to find out why yoga might make you tired and some solutions.


Is This Common?

Yoga making you tired is very common. Many different styles of yoga practices can be found across the globe. Some are focused more on exercise, while others focus on meditation.

On the one hand, the more rigorous styles can be exhaustive by design. But, on the other hand, they focus on strengthening and are an exercise like any other.

Meditation-based yoga is also known to tire out some practitioners due to its relaxing effects. Most practices that take time out of your day, regardless of style, can be very tiring.


Why Does it Happen?

Yoga makes you tired because it is exhausting, like any workout practice. As stated, there are many types of yoga, and all of them can wear you out. Exercise-based yoga focuses on the strengthening of your muscles.

These forms of yoga are more likely to drain your energy because as your body gains muscle, more energy is required. Calories are burned as you build this strength.

Meditation-based yoga can be exhausting as well, but for a very different reason than exercise-based yoga. It allows you to relax your mind as well as your body.

When you are often stressed or tense mentally and physically, it can be very tiring when you finally release. This intense relaxation usually makes people tired.


How Can You Stop it From Happening?

You can stop yourself from feeling tired after yoga by figuring out what the issue might be in the first place. First, consider the habits surrounding your yoga practice. For example, if you are not getting enough sleep, you will be tired after yoga.

Another thing to take into consideration is your eating habits. If you are not eating healthy, well-balanced diets, that can also lead to your energy being drained from your yoga practice. The last reason this could be happening is within your practice itself.

If you are not focusing on your breathing during your practice, it can result in exhaustion. The lack of air going to your brain makes you more tired. Try sleeping more, eating better, and focusing on your breathing to help with your tiredness.


How Should You Feel After Yoga?

You should feel energized after your yoga practice, not tired. Although many people feel tired after their yoga practice, you should ideally feel more energized and ready for your day.

Yoga is a practice built to bring peace and energy to the practitioner, although some styles can help with sleep. Yoga should also help you feel better mentally and physically.

A deeper connection with your body and mind, as well as a readiness for the day, is ideal. However, if you do not feel like this, change your practice and habits.


Should You Take a Break?

Yes, you can and should take breaks away from yoga. However, yoga, like any other practice, should be something you should commit to regularly.

Consistency is the key to improvement in any skill. However, breaks are always a crucial part that is often not discussed.

Like with any passion or practice, sometimes you need a break. Physically, things that require rest, like an injury or something similar, can happen. However, mental breaks and needs are also very valid.

After a break, most people often fall back in love with their practice again. So feel free to take a break if you feel like you need it and focus on other areas in your life.


Final Thoughts on Why Does Yoga Make Me Tired

Yoga makes most people tired, but it shouldn’t. Just because something is common does not mean it is healthy.

Unfortunately, habits in our society have normalized things like unhealthy diets and bad sleeping routines. It has even normalized never allowing yourself to take a break.

This is not how it has to be for your life, however. Focus on yourself as much as you can when it comes to the things you can control. For the things you cannot, take time where you can. Be kind to yourself.