How to Make Meditation and Mindfulness Enjoyable?

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Woman doing yoga on a wooden floor - How to Make Meditation and Mindfulness Enjoyable?

Making mindfulness and meditation more enjoyable is a process that varies a lot. All of us are different. Therefore, the process of making mindfulness and meditation more enjoyable requires time and adaptation. But there are some tricks to make it enjoyable sooner.


What Can Make Meditation and Mindfulness More Enjoyable?

To make meditation and mindfulness more enjoyable and fun, here are a few things you can try:


Change up your environment

While it is good to establish a routine that may include a specific place, mixing up the location may provide some excitement. 

For example, on a really nice day, try going to your backyard or a quiet park to hear the sounds of nature. If you’re on vacation at the beach or live by the beach, try an early morning meditation by the ocean. 


Try it with a friend or family member

It may be best to begin your meditation journey alone for optimal focus, but trying it with a friend or family member can be a way to make it more enjoyable and new. It also can have the added bonus of giving you quality bonding time with this person. 


Practice mindfulness throughout the day

Your mindfulness practice may be designed around the morning or evening, but try it during a different time of day, perhaps during everyday activity. Mindfulness does not always need to be practiced in the traditional sense.

 For example, if you find yourself eating alone at your desk for a meal, try incorporating mindfulness while eating and take the time to enjoy your food. 


How Can You Improve Your Meditation and Mindfulness?

The best way to improve your meditation and mindfulness is through repetition and experimentation. Establishing a routine and practicing it every day will allow you to do it for longer and reach deeper mental states. 

Another way to improve is to experiment: do not be afraid to try something new, such as doing it at a different time or place, if your current way is not working. 


What are the Tips and Tricks for Enjoying Your Meditation and Mindfulness More?

Achieving an effective meditation practice takes time and patience. However, here are some tips and tricks for enjoying it more along the way: 


  • Try not to get frustrated with yourself when your mind wanders. Just acknowledge it and try to move on.
  • Comparing yourself and your meditation practice to others does not benefit you. Your practice is what is best for you. 
  • Experiment and try new things, even if it is unconventional. Try taking a class or meditating in a new way. 


How Long Does it Take to Make Your Mindfulness and Meditation More Enjoyable?

There is no specified time it takes to make your meditation and mindfulness more enjoyable. In fact, having the idea of a timeline only adds pressure and frustration, which makes meditation harder. 


Building a habit of meditation takes about eight weeks, but that does not necessarily mean you enjoy it more. Focus on the enjoyment rather than the outcome. 


Is there Anything You Need to Avoid if You Want to Make Your Mindfulness and Meditation More Enjoyable?

It is important to avoid negative thought patterns and unrealistic expectations to make your mindfulness and meditation more enjoyable. Getting frustrated that it isn’t working will not make the benefits of meditation come any faster. 


Final Thoughts on Making Mindfulness and Meditation More Enjoyable

Meditation/mindfulness and its benefits are very different for each person, so it is important to allow yourself to feel the changes within yourself and not judge yourself for not experiencing what others describe.