Leggings That Are Loose At The Bottom

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Woman wearing blue yoga pants doing yoga - Leggings That Are Loose At The Bottom.

Leggings have become a huge trend for women over recent years. They are supportive and comfortable and come in a wide variety of colors and styles for all occasions.

If you know anything about the tight-fitting nature of leggings, you might be caught off guard hearing about ones that are loose at the bottom. These are a newer fad known as flare leggings.

These leggings have nice fits around the waist and hips for curve control, but they breathe more at the bottom. They are great for more casual settings and can also be used for some workouts. Keep reading to learn more about these leggings, their use, and more.


What are these Leggings Called?

These looser leggings are typically called “flare leggings” because of the way they “flare” outward, especially around the ankle. However, somewhat loose-fitting leggings are not all that new in the grand scheme.

A similar style of leggings called “bell bottom leggings” are also loose at the bottom. The difference between flare leggings and bell bottom leggings is when the legs begin to widen.

For flare leggings, the looseness typically begins around the mid-calf and down to the ankle. Bell bottom leggings, on the other hand, widen much earlier around the knee.

You could also generalize the two since bell bottom leggings typically have Bohemian styles and colors, while flare leggings have solid colors like many other types of leggings.


Why Are Flare Leggings So Popular?

Flare leggings are most popular because they fit both the loungewear and activewear categories. They are comfortable, fashionable, and fit most situations. But, of course, the trend would not have gotten as big as it has recently without the help of social media.

TikTok stars have rediscovered this style of bottoms and integrated it into leggings instead of the jeans they were famous for in the past. But, of course, you could also attribute some of their popularity to the debate surrounding naming these bottoms.

Some state that flares leggings are simply true yoga pants, while the new trend has rebranded them as otherwise. This could be seen as bad publicity, but the old saying is that any publicity is good publicity.


Are these Good for Exercise?

Flare leggings are still good for most exercises if you want a little more breathability for your legs while you work out. They are flexible for a wide range of motions in exercises like yoga and supportive of things like weightlifting. They can even be moisture-wicking for sweat.


Because they are loose at the bottom, you may want to avoid some exercises where the fabric can get caught and cause issues. This could be a problem for a few weightlifting machines that focus on leg muscles.

Running and cycling might also be slightly more perilous, especially if you are prone to clumsy accidents, but, in general, flare leggings will serve you well for exercise.


How Do You Wear Flared leggings?

Flare leggings are casual for the most part, but they can also be part of an athletic look combined with sneakers and a hat since we discussed it as a form of activewear as well. Some people go as far as claiming they are suitable for some fancier occasions.

A button-down shirt or light blouse makes a great choice in tops when you want to be a little more stylish but more comfortable. Fuzzy shoes like Ugg boots will help keep you comfy and chic during fall and winter.


Are Flared Leggings More Comfortable?

How comfortable an item of clothing is usually comes down to personal preference. Some people appreciate that they aren’t constricted by form-fitting material down the legs, but most use flare leggings more or less interchangeably with regular leggings.

You could complain that flare leggings are less comfortable because you are more likely to feel cold, especially if it is windy out, thanks to the wide end near each foot. You might not like the feeling of the extra cloth moving and gently hitting your ankles as well.


Final Thoughts on Leggings That Are Loose At The Bottom

If you’re not on TikTok, you may not have realized that flare leggings are a thing. Their iconic trait is that they open up around the mid-calf region down to the ankle.

They are a great option for most situations and add an extra bit of flair when the flare draws the eye to the wearer’s choice of stylish shoes.

Leggings like flare leggings can be worn no matter your body type or purpose, but it’s up to you how you want to wear these diverse bottoms!