Keep Leggings From Sliding Down

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Leggings sliding down can be an issue in any situation. This could be in the case of everyday use or exercise. To keep your leggings from sliding down, you can consider a few different things.

First, you should identify why your leggings might be sliding down. From there, consider your options. There are many different options to find leggings that do not slide down.

Keep reading to find out why the sliding happens, what the best non-slide legging options are for you, and more answers.


Why Does it Happen?

There are a couple of different reasons your leggings could be sliding down. One reason could simply be a fault with the leggings themselves.

If you have had the same pair of leggings for an extended period of time, the elasticity could begin to wear down. This can cause the leggings to slip. Another reason could be the type of leggings you purchased.

Low-waisted leggings are more likely to slip or roll over whenever you are exercising because of where they sit on your hips. The last two reasons include the size of the leggings and the materials they are made of.


Does it Mean You Have the Wrong Size?

Yes, your leggings slipping could be a sign you have the wrong size. If the leggings are too big, they will slide down your legs. This is because it will not hug your legs as well as it should.

Your leggings will also roll down if you have too small of a size. This means they fit your form incorrectly and are rolling down to make more room.

Remember, leggings always look deceptively small on a hanger. So be sure to try on different sizes to find the right fit for you.


Do Some Materials Slip More?

Yes, some materials do slip more. Some legging materials are designed to be more form-fitting and sweat-wicking, thus making them more slippery.

The material in leggings that makes them slippery is usually a high percentage of spandex. Therefore, the least slippery leggings would be a primarily cotton blend. The issue with cotton blends is they lose their sweat-wicking capabilities.

Cotton is known for its ability to hold water, unlike spandex, so they often do not make for great workout leggings. However, they will slip less. You have to find the perfect balance between spandex and cotton to get what is right for your needs.


Tricks to Stop Leggings from Sliding Down

You can try several options to keep your leggings from sliding down. The first option involves the sizing and style of the leggings. For less sliding, you can try sizing down. The sliding might just be a product of the wrong size.

The other thing you can try is changing the style of the legging. For example, high-waisted leggings are less likely to slide down as they hug above the hips.

The other thing you can try, as discussed above, is trying different materials for your leggings. Some materials just do not work for some body types or needs. Again, try different sizes, styles, and materials to find what is best for you.


Are there Some Materials that Just Won’t Work?

Yes, some materials might just not work well for your needs. Depending on what you are using your leggings for, some materials may be better suited for everyday use or only for workouts.

For example, a pair of leggings with a higher percentage of spandex might be better for some styles of exercise but not others. This is also true for cotton and polyester blends.

Cotton holds water and tends to be a little thicker, most likely not working for most exercise purposes. However, they can be great for everyday wear, similar to polyester blends.


Final Thoughts on Keep Leggings From Sliding Down

Leggings sliding are an issue that anyone who wears them can experience. But, there are easy solutions you can try to fix this problem. After identifying why your leggings are sliding down, you can begin to explore new options.

To find the right kind of leggings for you, consider a plethora of sizes, styles, and materials to best suit your needs. The better the legging is for your specific situation, the less they will slide.

Each style and material has a different purpose, so be sure to do your research and be patient.