How To Keep Yoga Mat From Slipping

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Woman doing planks on a purple yoga mat - How To Keep Yoga Mat From Slipping?

To keep a yoga mat from slipping, you must first identify why the mat is slipping at all. Several reasons could cause a yoga mat to slip, such as the mat itself or user error.

You have quite a few options when it comes to solving most of these problems. These solutions range from cleaning your mat to taking care of the mat itself. It could also include buying things for the mat or buying a new mat altogether.

Keep reading to figure out why your yoga mat is slipping and how to fix it.


How to Properly Store it?

There are several different ways to properly store a yoga mat. The easiest and most common option is to simply roll it up tightly and store it away from direct sunlight or other things that could potentially damage it.

There are better options, though, that could help prolong your mat’s life. The first and cheapest option is to invest in a mat bag. This is a bag to store a rolled yoga mat in to keep it safe from any damage.

The second option is the best option for any yoga mat. It may be more expensive, but investing in a yoga mat rack could greatly increase the life of your yoga mat.


How to Wash it Correctly?

There are two main ways to properly clean a yoga mat. The first is the easiest. Some yoga mats are actually machine washable. Run the mat through a cold cycle with no detergent and let it air dry completely.

However, be sure to check your yoga mat’s care instructions first, as some yoga mats can deteriorate in a washing machine. The second option is the safest bet for most yoga mats.

For the second method, lay your mat out on a clean flat surface. Then mix warm water and a little dish soap in a bowl. Wash the mat in circular motions gently. Wipe your mat clean, then let air dry before storing. Then you are all set!


What Makes the Mat Slip?

There are a variety of reasons your yoga mat could be slipping. The first set of reasons could be the mat itself. If you have not properly broken in your yoga mat or used it very much, that could be the source of the slipping. Or your yoga mat could simply be more slippery.

The second reason could be because of your skin and sweat. If you tend to sweat a lot while doing yoga, it can cause the mat to become slippery. This also applies if you tend to wear certain lotions or oils that can cause the surface to be more slippery.

The last reason is that you do not have the strength to do certain poses. If you are doing poses your body is not physically capable of handling, you are likely to slip out of them because of that, causing the mat to slip as a result.


Should You Use a Towel for it?

Yes, you can and should try a towel to prevent slipping on your yoga mat. A towel can be a simple solution to prevent slipping in most cases. Specifically, if you have sweaty or oily palms, it can drastically improve slipping problems.

Simply place a standard hand towel across the front of your mat. You use it for traction when doing things that usually make you slip. You can also use it to routinely wipe your hands and mat if you are sweating excessively.


Should You Buy a New One if it Keeps Slipping?

Yes, if you continue to slip on your yoga mat, you should get a new one. Be sure to try a few different things before spending money on a new one, though. As discussed previously, you can try a towel.

There are also several non-slip solutions, such as socks or specialized yoga mat towels. Be sure to also check that your mat is clean, as that can be another reason you are slipping.

The last thing to look out for before splurging on a new mat is your own capabilities. You will slip if you attempt to do something beyond your capabilities. So be sure to keep an eye on yourself and take a step back to ensure it is the mat.


Final Thoughts on How To Keep Yoga Mat From Slipping

The reasons a mat may be slipping can vary from the mat itself to simple misuse. The easiest way to fix any mat slipping is to take care of your mat and take care of yourself.

Storing your mat properly and keeping it clean are simple solutions to most mat issues. The other solutions include buying things to go with your mat or simply getting a new mat altogether.

The issues relating to personal use of a mat are easily fixed by taking care of your body and its needs. Take breaks to help with sweat levels and towel yourself dry. Do not push yourself too far past your limits, and practice self-care.