How To Do The Splits For The Inflexible?

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Woman in black yoga pants doing a split - How To Do The Splits For The Inflexible?

Being flexible is a very daunting task. Learning how to do the splits is often seen as the end goal when it comes to flexibility. It seems impossible for those who aren’t flexible from the start. However, you don’t have to be flexible to achieve your goal of performing the splits.

Flexibility comes with time and practice, so start by working some light stretching into your daily routine. Focus on muscle groups in the legs to get the most mileage from your stretching time.

If you want to learn how to do your splits even while inflexible, as well as more information on your splits, continue reading.


How Can You Stop Being Inflexible?

To become more flexible, there are only a few simple things you need to do:


  • Get warm
  • Stretch consistently
  • Take care of your body


Before you begin stretching, make sure you warm up your body. The warmth in your body makes stretching easier, allowing your muscles to relax.

When you begin the process, make sure you stay consistent. Stretching regularly allows the muscles to slowly become more flexible – your body recognizes that you’re pushing your boundaries and adapts.

At the end of the day, take care of your body. Listen to your body and allow yourself to rest when you are hurt or sore. Take it easy when things get difficult – if you push your body too far too quickly, it will result in injury.


Which Exercises Help Your Flexibility?

Several different exercises allow you to increase your flexibility. In terms of the splits, there are a few areas of your body you should focus on for a greater chance of success, including the following:


  1. Hamstrings
  2. Hip flexors
  3. Glutes


Thankfully, some easy stretches can help you increase your flexibility in these areas. For your hamstrings, focus on stretches such as:


  • The Forward fold
  • The Pyramid pose


When targeting your hip flexors, using stretches like:


  • Standing and kneeling lunges
  • The Butterfly
  • The Happy baby


For your glutes, focus on stretches such as:


  • Child’sChild’s pose
  • Runner’sRunner’s lunge
  • Hero pose


For each of these stretches, make sure you modify them as needed. Take it slowly and work up to doing more difficult versions of each of these stretches.


How Should You Practice Splits?

For the half splits, place your back knee on the ground. Rest your entire shin on the ground. Straighten your front leg in front of you. Lean forward into the stretch, maintaining an L shape with the back leg.

To practice, your front splits start in a pyramid pose or half splits. First, place your hands on the ground. Then, slowly slide your feet apart. When in a full split, your legs and feet should be parallel with the floor, resting comfortably on it.

Start in a wide-legged position for your middle splits with your feet facing forward. Place your hands on the ground in front of you. Then, slowly start to slide your feet away from each other, putting your weight into your hands.

When you are in a full split, your feet should be pointed away from either side of your body. The inside of your legs and chest should be flush with the ground.

For all these, only go as far as your body can comfortably. Then, hold there for at least 30 seconds if possible.


What are The 3 Types of Splits?

The three main types of splits are:


  1. Half-splits
  2. Front splits
  3. Middle splits


Keep in mind that people may use several other names depending on the discipline they are being performed in.

For example, some people might refer to the middle splits as center splits, box splits, or straddle splits, but they all mean the same splits (sometimes with slight variations).

Half splits only involve your front leg being stretched facing forward while your back leg is bent. Full splits are when both legs are stretched forward and backward. Middle splits are stretching your legs out from side to side.


Why Can’tCan’t Everyone Do the Splits?

There are two main factors for why everyone cannot do the splits:


  1. Inflexibility
  2. Stiffness


Inflexibility is natural in most people. However, it is not something humans need to develop to survive, so most did not.

Stiffness is not natural, however. Most people become stiff over time for various reasons. It is usually from a lack of movement. It can be caused by sitting for long periods and a sedentary lifestyle.

Both of these things can be improved over time. Proper care and attention can change these for the better.


Final Thoughts on How To Do The Splits For The Inflexible

Many people think they can never accomplish their splits because they are naturally inflexible. This is not true. With proper care and attention, the splits become a more realistic prospect.

Some people might push themselves too hard too early and get injured as a result. Not only will this delay your ability to perform the splits, but it can also be demotivational and costly if you require physical therapy.

Stretch regularly, keep moving, and take care of your body. Eventually, you could improve your flexibility. Each type of split will slowly become more accessible to you. Patience is key.