How Long Does It Take To Split?

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Woman doing a split on a yoga mat outside - How Long Does It Take To Split?

For many people looking to get into yoga, the flexibility of instructors and other long-time practitioners can be daunting. Each stretch seems to involve more muscles and impossible angles, but they somehow manage to twist their bodies into a pretzel of shapes.

Luckily, the splits are an impressive feat that doesn’t have to take a lifetime to master. By practicing the right way, you can safely perform the splits in a matter of months or earlier.

Continue reading to learn more about how to do the splits, how long it takes, and some other tips and tricks along the way.


Can Anyone Do it?

Unfortunately, through no fault of their own, not everyone is capable of performing the splits. In addition, some people encounter anatomical limitations, specifically in the pelvis’ bone structure, that prevent them from obtaining the flexibility necessary for performing the splits.

Other people choose to believe that they are incapable of doing the splits, putting a mental block between them and the goal of doing the splits. Many of these same people simply don’t try because they lack the willpower or motivation.

Chances are, though, that you will be able to perform the splits with some consistent stretching practice and time.


How Often Do You Need to Practice for It?

No matter what your goal is when it comes to learning how to do the splits, you should be practicing every day. Unlike exercises such as weightlifting or swimming, stretching can safely be done every day.

Even if you don’t want to be able to do the splits or you have already achieved your goal of performing the splits, stretching every day can continue to have benefits throughout the rest of your life.

These benefits include:


  • Increased flexibility
  • Better sense of balance
  • Decreased back or joint pain
  • Increased range of motion or easier movement within your range of motion


For How Long Should You Do the Exercises?

Although you should start at an easily achievable level and slowly increase the frequency and length of your practice, the generally accepted amount of practice is 15 minutes each day.

If you’re just starting towards your goal of doing the splits or simply want to get the benefits of stretching every day, 10 minutes a day can be useful for getting into a routine.

Being able to do the splits after a month of stretching is an impressive feat, but you’ll have to increase the amount you stretch to do so.

As you enter the third week of your goal, you may want to increase your stretching to 25 or 30 minutes a day. Most people usually break this up into two equal (or near equal) length stretching sessions.


What are the Best Exercises for Split?

Because the splits focus primarily on the flexibility of the legs and the lower body, many of the best exercises target these muscle groups.

Below is a list of some of the best exercises to do in preparation for attempting the splits:


  • The Half Pigeon yoga pose
  • Runner’s stretch, also known as half-seated splits
  • The Standing Forward pose
  • Low lunges
  • The Lizard yoga pose


This is not an exhaustive list of exercises you can do to increase flexibility and the odds of performing successful splits.

It should be noted as well that there are a few different types of splits, such as the front splits or the side splits, to name a few, which may require different training exercises.


How Do You Warm Up Before it?

When people think of warming up before a workout or demonstration of flexibility, you should stretch, and they’d be right, but it’s important to do the right kind of stretching, so you don’t injure yourself in the process.

Dynamic stretching is the best thing to do before attempting to perform the splits. This differs from the static stretching that many people’s first thoughts about a warmup.

The key difference between the two is that static stretching involves holding a position, usually for 20 to 30 seconds at a time.

On the other hand, dynamic stretching involves gently moving in and out of a pose so that the joints are lubricated and warmed up for whatever comes next.


Final Thoughts on How Long Does It Take To Split 

How long it takes to be able to do the splits ultimately comes down to your natural flexibility and how dedicated you are to reaching your goal.

Many people who aren’t naturally flexible can increase their flexibility with daily stretching until they can perform the splits, which can take up to a month or longer.

Before you start your stretching, it is recommended that you identify what kind of splits you want to be able to do first. This will help tailor your stretching routine and will be more rewarding when achieved.