Cutting Underwear Out Of Lululemon Shorts

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The underwear of Lululemon shorts, as well as many other brands of running shorts, can get annoying very quickly. The underwear often rides up, cuts off circulation, or is generally way too tight.

Many people even find that sizing up doesn’t help or that they feel grosser when they have to deal with it.

The solution most people think of is removing the liner altogether. Keep reading to find out how you can cut out the lining of your shorts and why it might not be such a good idea.


What Should You Use to Cut it?

To cut the underwear out of Lululemon shorts, you can just use a pair of scissors. What kind of scissors you use does not really matter either. But, of course, the best scissors for any job involving fabric are definitely fabric scissors.

The underwear of the shorts is not along a seam or anything like that. Instead, they are implemented into the shorts themselves. Unfortunately, this means that using a seam ripper or something similar is not an option for most running shorts, including Lululemon’s.


How Should You Cut it?

You should cut Lululemon shorts very carefully. Take whatever scissors you have and make sure they are sharp. The sharper the scissors, the less you are likely to accidentally tear the fabric and mess up your shorts.

Then, start at the bottom of the liner. Cut up the side of the liner until you reach the top of the liner. Then, cut around the perimeter of the liner as close to the top of the shorts as you can get without cutting the shorts themselves.


Things You Need to Know Before You Start

Before you start cutting your Lululemon shorts, you should know a few things. The main thing is that you do not need to cut the underwear out of your shorts.

There are other solutions. One of the solutions is sizing up or trying a different style of short that is free of a lining.

The other simple solution is to seek out a Lululemon store in person. While this is not true at every store, many stores offer to tailor their products. This includes hemming as well as removing the underwear from any shorts.

However, this option is not available at every store location. Stores can also be difficult to find in certain areas, making this an impractical option.


Is it Going to be Visible that You Cut it?

Yes, it will likely be noticeable if you cut the underwear out of your shorts. However, it depends on what kind of Lululemon shorts you are wearing. Most shorts that come with underwear are very short and loose.

The underwear prevents accidental flashing or anything hanging out. When you remove that underwear, nothing is hiding what is underneath them. Underwear in shorts also usually blocks out how sheer they are, meaning they will be more see-through after the alteration.


Can Cutting Out Underwear Ruin Shorts?

Yes, cutting the underwear out of your Lululemon shorts can ruin them. As mentioned before, the shorts are designed to need built-in underwear in mind. They often prevent movement beneath the shorts and hide the sheerness of the short material itself.

Many people end up having to get rid of their shorts after removing their underwear. This is often due to things being visible under the shorts or the lack of compression they get without the underwear.

Most report having to hold their shorts down while using them. Some even say they must wear another pair of shorts beneath them if they want to wear the ones with the removed underwear. This is due to how sheer and short they are.


Final Thoughts on Cutting Underwear Out Of Lululemon Shorts

Cutting the underwear out of Lululemon shorts or any running shorts seems to be the obvious answer to your problems. However, the riding up, the uncomfortable feeling, the sweating, etc., are all not fun to deal with.

However, these shorts are designed to be like that for a reason. Cutting out the underwear may solve your current issues, but it may also create a whole new set of issues. The simple solution may simply be to try a different brand of shorts or size up.