Can I Do Yoga On Rest Days?

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Woman doing yoga on a pink yoga mat outside - Can I Do Yoga On Rest Days?

Yes, you can do yoga on rest days. For most people, yoga can be the perfect thing to do on rest days. For athletes, practitioners, and everyday people alike, yoga can be a good way to release tension.

On rest days, people often want to lay around and do nothing. Often, this can worsen things for the body by allowing it to become tense. However, this is not the case for everyone. Keep reading to figure out when and if yoga would be the best option for you on rest days. 


Is it OK to do yoga with sore muscles?

Yes, it is okay to do yoga with sore muscles. However, sore muscles as a result of yoga can often be frustrating. You may think the best option is to rest to recover, but you can continue your yoga practice with sore muscles. 

The key to doing yoga while sore is to take it slow. When your muscles are sore, your mind and your body are often in recovery mode. 

Be gentle with your body. Allow yourself to fully recover from your soreness through your yoga practice by listening to what your body needs. 


Is Doing Yoga an Active Recovery?

Yes, doing yoga can be a form of active recovery. In fact, yoga is often a very effective form of active recovery for the body as well as the mind. Active recovery is doing a low-intensity workout after some very strenuous days.

This speeds up the body’s recovery efforts by doing things like:


  • Releasing tension
  • Removing toxic byproducts like lactic acid from the muscles
  • Circulating fresh blood with nutrients for repairs


While many people think yoga is just stretching, there are many different kinds of yoga as well as difficulty levels. There are wide varieties of yoga that could be a perfect active recovery for every skill set. 


For How Long Should You Do it?

You should do yoga for a minimum of 20 minutes. This time can vary depending on many factors. This includes the amount of time you can allot for yoga as well as what you are looking for from the practice. 

The time can change greatly for both a relaxing stretch and an active workout. For each, the minimum is 20 minutes, and the maximum is an hour. 

You can pick and choose what is best for your body. Take it slow and listen to your body to not overwork it. 


Can Yoga Help You With Sore Muscles?

Yes, yoga can help with sore muscles. In fact, a relaxed yoga practice focused more on stretching and meditation could be just what you need to help you with your sore muscles. 

There are many types of yoga practices, and there are some that are designed to help stretch your body and relieve tension. With these forms, you can either design your own session or find one online. 

Your goal should be to release tension in the body and mind. Focus on relaxing rather than improvement in flexibility or strength. Again, listen to what your body needs and stay within your limitations when you are sore to prevent bodily harm. 


Is there a Reason for Skipping Yoga on Rest Days?

The main reason you could skip yoga on rest days is, so you do not overwork your body. A lot of practitioners and athletes tend to know their limits. They understand their bodies well enough that they can recover on rest days through the practice of yoga.

However, finding that limit can be difficult for those who do not have that connection with their body. It can be tough to know when to stop or when you are going too far in a stretch. 

Some days your body does need to rest and recover without movement. On other days, it needs to stretch and release tension. But, of course, it is always better to be safe than sorry, so if you are unsure, rest. 


Final Thoughts on Can I Do Yoga On Rest Days

There are a large variety of yoga practices. Each can help with different parts of the body and mind. Some strengthen, and some help release tension. On rest days, yoga is an option for you whether you are looking for a release or an active recovery. 

Thanks to this large variety, you can pick and choose what works best for your body on any given day. However, this also means you must be in tune with your body and mind. 

You must know your limitations to have a successful practice or rest day. Therefore, be delicate with yourself and allow rest days to be as they are intended.